This section outlines the work that needs doing to preserve a unique piece of our history.


We invite you to help support our cause.

The estimate to carry out the required repair works is in the region of €400,000

Church of the Ascension Timoleague

Schedule of Works


Work Already Done:  (Cost €54,000)

  1. Re-Roof Chancel and Vestry

  2. Restore Angel Paintings on ceiling of Chancel

  3. Commission Conservation Plan


Phase 1: 

(To secure external envelope)     Summer 2020 (Cost €200,000)

  1. Re-Roof remaining Church including Bell Tower flat roof

  2. Make walls watertight---Plaster with Lime Plaster

  3. Strip plaster from inside bell tower, allow to dry and replaster

  4. Radar to assess what is under South transept and chancel area

  5. Carry out Measured Survey(necessary for planning permission)


Phase 2:

(To regulate internal environment)       Summer 2021(Cost €200,000 Approx)


  1. Take up existing timber floor under pews, replace with concrete floor, insulated and including piping for underfloor heating.

  2. Install Air to Water Heat pump to maintain a 14®C temp at all times.

  3. Repair and restore all windows and doors.

  4. Clean and redecorate internal roof structure.

  5. Strengthen boundary wall on East boundary.


Phase 3:

Mosaic repairs         Summer 2022 (Cost to be established)


  1. Establish the chemical build-up of the salts present and establish a methodology for their reduction / removal. 

  2. Test section of Mosaics and determine repair schedule.

Click on the PDF to view the Conservation report

Timetable of events

February 2020

Launch of fundraising.


In a small West Cork village there is a unique Church, the inside of which is decorated with Mosaics, to save this beautiful building we need to secure the fabric of the building inside and out. We are a small community and we need your help to secure this little gem for future generations....


Church of the Ascension,

Church Road, Timoleague,

Co. Cork.

P72 T282

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